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Quebecers, Francophones, Anglophones, Allophones, and all Canadians can stand united for equal and official bilingualism.

Logic, fact, morality, and the law are on our side

Language Equality in Canada No Longer Exists and All Canadians Should Be Concerned

Bill 96 (now law) preemptively uses the Notwithstanding Clause to make French the supreme right in Quebec; suppressing basic human rights for all Quebecers in extreme and illegitimate ways at home, at school, the workplace and in commercial transactions.


Bill 96 unilaterally changes the Constitution without using the pre-established amending formula and declares Quebec a nation, that Quebecers are a nation, and that French is Quebec’s only “official” and common language. The federal government had the chance to disallow or challenge this divisive and intolerant law via a Supreme Court reference, but failed to do so.        


Allowing the obviously unconstitutional sections of Bill 96 to go unchallenged has rendered the Canadian Constitution impotent, and reduced its importance to “suggestion,” rather than our ultimate law.  All has been made worse by the incorporation of Bill 96 into the amended Official Languages Act, Bill C-13.  We believe the reasons are political.   

Now, over 1.25 million English-speaking Quebecers find themselves without a voice, Francophone Quebecers face obstacles to access English post-secondary institutions, and all Canadians are sleepwalking into a Constitutional crisis. 


The Task Force on Linguistic Policy’s mission is to fight these oppressive measures and restore language equality.

In the News

How does Bill 96 affect you?​

4 people of different ages


  • Discrimination is now the basis of law.

  • ‘Eligibility’ criteria must be met to receive public services in English

  • An “Attestation in Good Faith” is required in the absence of proof.

a teenage girl writing an exam in a classroom


  • Freedom of access to Education is obstructed

  • English CEGEPs must adhere to strict enrollment caps. 

  • “Ineligible” students must write a difficult French proficiency exam to graduate

  • “Eligible” students attending English CEGEPs must take 3 additional French courses.

a group of employees in grey


  • Significant reduction of job and/or promotion opportunities for those that are not fluent in French

  • Government funding redirected to French projects, French research or French institutions. 

  • All professional orders (engineers, accountants, doctors) in Quebec must communicate in French only.  Communication in English is not permitted.

male business owner in a shopping facility

Business Owners

  • No public services in English to businesses whatsoever 

  • Significant penalties compound daily if business is conducted in English

  • Government officials given power of warrantless search and seizure

  • All non-French language proficiency requirements, other than French, must be justified

  • Francization requirements now imposed for business with more than 24 employees.

Hard to believe, isn't it?
Get the full scope of the impact!

How are we fighting back?

Taking Bill 96 to Court

Legalized discrimination, intolerant policies and classification of citizens (historic anglophones versus all other English-speakers) must be stopped and there is no politician will to do so. We have no choice to take our fight to the courts.

Watch our video: "Canadians are sleepwalking into a crisis"

Our court cases depend on public donations and we expect to have to take our fight all the way to the Supreme Court. It will be costly.  But, if we act as a community, all pulling together and doing our part, we WILL succeed.

On May 31st, 2023, we filed our lawsuit. The Attorney Generals of QUEBEC and CANADA have both been served by plaintiffs representing “everday Canadians” who are adversely affected by this unconstitutional law.

On January 17, 2024, we filed an Interlocutory Injunction.

Scales of justice and a gavel
4 people holding hands

Championing Community Collaboration

Quebec’s English-speaking community must act with one voice because together we are stronger.

We seek out allies, and continue to collaborate with more; across all communities and community groups. 

We will lead or follow.  Fighting oppressive language legislation is our only purpose.

Increasing Awareness and Combating Apathy

Many people still do not know about Bill 96 or C-13. Actually, it is our view that Canadians just don’t know or don’t want to hear about the possibility and impact of rights violations in Canada.  “It can’t be that bad”, they assume. Well IT IS!


We get the word out to fight this attack on linguistic rights through many vehicles including op-eds and commentary, outreach to government representatives, social media pages and advertising, our newsletter to subscribers as well as our YouTube videos. 


Throughout history, any government ranking one culture, race or ethnic group ahead of another has been dangerous and counter-productive for that society and its citizens. Those that stand by and do nothing are as responsible as the zealots for the divisiveness and intolerance that follows. We cannot be indifferent: as Canadians, we need to wake up and get back on a better path.

Watch our video: "Stop the Appetite for Intolerance!"

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A collage of images showing people of different ages looking depressed and sad

Changing The Narrative

Bilingualism/Multilingualism is not a threat to French and it is a fallacy to think French can be protected via oppression instead of positive measures. Bill 96 is an unnecessary attack on rights and freedoms. The social and economic cost of this legislation will be astronomical.


French in Quebec is not in decline.  Never before have so many people in Quebec been able to speak French.  And yet, the mean-spiritedness of Bill 96 causes hardship on so many.  


We are collecting stories of the impacts of Bill 96 and we intend to tell the world. Bill 96 is not about protecting French. It is legalized discrimination and it must be stopped.

Tell us Your Story of how you have been impacted by Bill 96

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